Every Meal matters


LOCA Gruppen, owned by entrepreneurs Merete Holst and Dorte Juhl Østergaard, runs a string of businesses within the field of restaurants, catering, and canteens, in addition to consultancy within the field of food & beverage and sustainable gastronomy. 

  • LOCA Restauranter: Owns and runs the restaurants STUDIO, Almanak i Operaen, and Mission Green in Copenhagen, and co-owns Restaurant RADIO in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

  • LOCA Kantiner: Runs the canteen company by the same name, and the lunch delivery concept The Lunchroom.

  • LOCA Management: Consults within the field of food & beverage and sustainable gastronomy and connects the managerial and administrative parts of LOCA’s own businesses.


Our name LOCA is short for “LOve before CAsh” because the essence of LOCA is to do business with the heart in the right place.


The company was founded as a direct consequence of several worrying trends and negative consequences in the food industry specifically, and on the globe in general: Rising temperatures, melting icebergs, oceans dying, once fertile land becoming barren and uninhabitable, all while inequality continues to rise worldwide.


The development and growth of the world’s rich countries has led to huge CO2 emissions, but often it is the world’s poorest nations that are dealing with the dire consequences of those emissions – we simply can no longer turn a blind eye to that fact.


As the saying goes: No one can do everything, but everyone can do something – and LOCA is our contribution to a brighter, more equal, and greener future for the next generations.

LOCA Gruppen is about making a difference

LOCA was founded in 2017 with the aim of contributing with everything we can to create a greener future within the field that we know best: Food and meals.

In all parts of the LOCA Group, we work within a set of clear values, and a clearly defined vision and mission, and all our companies work purposefully within the written guidelines in our charter for sustainable gastronomy. The charter has been drawn up in accordance with our LOCA ‘Manifesto’.



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We aim to improve the quality of our food life - every day